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5 reasons to buy vintage items

In today’s article, we leave you with 5 reasons why you should embrace vintage fashion and thrift shopping. You can’t miss them!!

The best-kept secret of fashion houses

As passionate about vintage fashion we can tell you that many contemporary designers and major fashion houses have huge archives of vintage clothing that are constantly updated to adapt them to current fashion. Most contemporary fashion is a reinterpretation of past styles. Therefore, wearing a vintage garment is a way to stand out from the crowd and, at the same time, to be trendy. If you look for your clothes in second hand stores like Época in Malaga, you will follow the fashion trends and you will differentiate yourself.

Mixing vintage and modern

Mixing the two styles is probably the easiest way to start wearing vintage garments. To give a current air to a dress from another decade, it is a matter of combining it with current accessories or vice versa: an accessory or a retro dress with a current garment always achieves a very personal touch.

Vintage is craftsmanship

The quality of vintage clothing is simply incomparable to that of contemporary clothing, although the big modern luxury brands are an exception. In the past, clothes were made to last, fashion was all about quality for economic and also cultural reasons. Today we call this know-how “sustainable fashion”. In vintage, it is not uncommon to find luxurious details such as hand-stitched seams, generous hems and handcrafted jewelled buttons. However, nowadays even dresses costing hundreds of euros have only an extra millimeter of fabric for the hem.

When you invest in a vintage dress, you should know that you will never meet anyone dressed like you. The prints, the colors, the buttons… all are unique details. Many “celebrities” have become fans of vintage for this very reason.

The stories that second-hand garments suggest to you

Every dress has a story. We certainly cannot have a history of who owned and used it, but we certainly know the origin. This can evoke beautiful images of a garment’s past life. Let’s daydream with stories that inspire us, let’s turn everyday life into something that motivates us to fantasize and to dress the monotony with imagination.

Clothes have a soul

Secondhand clothing is much more than the stereotypical view of “old clothes”. It is the history of the art of dressing and the history of those who came before us. Owning and wearing clothing from another era is a way of keeping recent history alive. At the end of the day, you will be left with the taste of having lived scenes from a novel or a movie.

Join our philosophy

We have been working for 27 years with second-hand clothing for both women and men and supporting a sustainable economy. This is a vital choice full of small daily gestures such as shopping consciously and consuming responsibly, be it food or any other good, and purchasing only what is needed while avoiding wasting natural and energy resources. We are aware of the damage that the neglect of the environment is causing to the planet, more and more people are supporting this cause and we feel the need to contribute to the protection of nature.

In the backstage of our activity, a lot of care is invested in taking care of each garment during the whole recycling process: we wash, iron, review the seams and buttons, transform a garment to give it a more modern touch, all to offer the maximum satisfaction to our customers. We usually say that “they can go out with the garment on without any problem”. For this reason and for all the years of experience in the fashion industry, we consider ourselves one of the best second hand and vintage stores in Malaga, and from now on we expand our frontiers with the new online store!

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